My Bloody Valentine

A meddling matchmaker, four imprisoned vampires, and the woman with the key to their freedom…

Tully: Bigger is better if you know how to use it.

I never saw myself as the “being traded to satisfy my father’s debts” kind of girl. But that’s exactly what happens. Alone and terrified, I was convinced that’s how my story would end.

 And then they appeared. Grotesque figures in the darkness leaping to my rescue. But when I wake up I’m surrounded by four of the most handsome men I’ve ever laid eyes on. Luan, Ram, Flóki, and Mandla are on the run and it looks like we’re in this together.

Did I mention I live in a converted school bus? Packing four men into my schoolie is one thing, but they aren’t human. My guests are vampires. Which means a whole host of other problems. Starting with, who is on the menu? Because this girl is down to get eaten four different ways.

What begins as a fling takes an unexpected turn as Valentine’s Day dawns and our enemies close in. Running away would be easy, but when have I ever taken the easy road?

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This book contains mature themes and is not suitable for those under eighteen. The following is an incomplete list of possible triggers:

  • group intimate encounters
  • past sexual abuse (to a male MC) – one of the male main characters is pursued by an abusive ex. On-page depictions are minimal.
  • past child abuse (to a male MC) – one of the male main characters was abused as a child. There is one flashback scene.
  • biting – vampires engage in intimate biting
  • spiders – there are two spiderkin in this book, one good, one bad.
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