All villains have a story. This is how mine began…

I began as a nobody, a tavern girl in a backwater town, with one saving grace: the ability to use fairy artifacts. That put me squarely between four of the seven High Demon Lords, the most powerful creatures in our world. Belial and Eligos want me in their bed. Oriax would dissect me. And while I don’t know what Shax would do, but I both desire and fear him.

Caught in a pretty cage, my survival depends on the demons I now call lord. While matters of the heart become complicated, another plot is afoot that will change the course of our world.

Years from now, someone else will write my story. They’ll call me the butcher, the destroyer, the ravager. But those people, those creatures, they don’t know me. They want you to believe that I’m every bit as evil as they say I am. I’m just a woman who made an impossible choice in the name of love.

Welcome to Eden and the world of My Demon Lords…

Author’s Note: This s a no-choice necessary romance where new love interests join the fun in each book. Beware crossed swords and tail usage ahead!

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This book contains mature themes and is not suitable for those under eighteen. The following is an incomplete list of possible triggers:

  • group intimate encounters
  • restraints
  • disguised identity fantasy
  • (non-sexual) degradation
  • cliffhanger
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