"You have angered the goddess. Your time has come to an end."

I am done allowing others to decide my path for me. It would be one thing if my choices led me to this blood-soaked forest, but the only reason I am here is because of one elf. The Luminous King had his chance to let me and my demons go. Instead, he chose to throw his army at my demons. He has signed his fate at my hands and now I’ve set into motion events I don’t understand.

All I want is to return to the loving arms of Belial and Eligos. I know we will never go back to what we were, but neither can I give up the bond I share with Alastor or the spark burning between Raum and I. Everything I love is changing. Especially in Eden. It is no longer the peaceful haven I recall. Brick by brick, the foundation of this untroubled land has been picked apart until everything I know and love is ready to crumble. And so I find myself in another cage with a very familiar jailer.

But not everything is what it seems. To gain freedom, first I must give it up. To gain the heart of the one who comforts me most, I must first break it. To save those I love, I must first risk everything. To find the answers I seek, I must first ask the questions I dread the most. Because I fear our troubles are only just beginning to rear their heads.


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This book contains mature themes and is not suitable for those under eighteen. The following is an incomplete list of possible triggers:

  • group intimate encounters
  • consensual non-consent – it is abundantly clear in the receiving character’s POV the advances are welcomed
  • torture – brief
  • suicide – a non-pov character who is never introduced or on the page commits suicide. Please be aware that the My Demon Lords universe has a reincarnation lifecycle. Suicide is not treated the same way as our contemporary world views it.
  • cliffhanger
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