Howling Good New Year

A matchmaker who won’t let death stop her, four shifters on the run, and the one woman who can take them on…

Zelda: All work and no play means I’m ready to get laid.

Having influencers for best friends means spending New Year’s at a luxury Jamaican resort. My goal is to forget work and enjoy myself. Fate seems to be smiling at me when I have a chance meeting with a tall, sexy stranger named Lakyn in the library.

But Lakyn is not what or who he appears to be. Under one face are four different men who claim to be shifters, all of whom believe I’m their fated mate.

That’s one way to ring in the New Year…


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This book contains mature themes and is not suitable for those under eighteen. The following is an incomplete list of possible triggers:

  • group intimate encounters
  • primal play – specifically primal chasing
  • past sexual abuse and forced breeding (to a male MC) – one of the male main characters escaped his birth pack because they intended to use him to “stud”
  • questionable consent – sexual acts are committed between Zelda and two of the male character’s while using the Lakyn disguise
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Cape Town, South Africa