I'll play your villain but beware, I bite back.

Betrayed by one of our own, I’m now a living trophy of the Luminous Court’s victory. But all is not right on the continent. A murderer stalks the halls of elves while a monster rattles the foundations of the castle. I’m alone, powerless, and speeding toward a terrible end. I can’t wait on my demon lovers to rescue me.

I used to think I lived in a cage, now I know what it’s truly like. Every night I search for a way back to the demons who have my heart and every day I play cat and mouse with the man who wants to destroy everything I love.

The dungeons of the Luminous Court house a terrible secret. A prisoner more fearsome than me. My unexpected ally could spell my death or salvation. In this terrible place, we only have each other. I fear my heart is already lost to the creature that stalks the depths of the dungeon.

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This book contains mature themes and is not suitable for those under eighteen. The following is an incomplete list of possible triggers:

  • group intimate encounters
  • primal play
  • consensual non-consent – it is abundantly clear in the receiving character’s POV the advances are welcomed
  • torture – brief
  • genital mutilation – specifically, pearling and piercing to a male
  • (non-sexual) degradation
  • cliffhanger
What is Pearling? Do I want to google that?
Pearling was a practice made common by sailors who would insert pearls under the skin of their genitalia. This was done to increase the sensation for the receiving partner. 
Google armed with knowledge and away from sensitive eyes.
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