I know villains always pay the price, I just didn't think it would cost my heart.

I did everything that was asked of me. I gave up my freedom. I broke the heart of the one who loves me more than himself. I risked everything and lost more than I bargained for. Reeling and broken, I’m left to pick up the pieces while war looms on the horizon.

Lucifer and the angels intend to finally wipe out life as we know it. It took all seven of my demons to hold him prisoner, but I’ll make him regret waging this war. I’m no longer the woman I was. I’m not even human anymore. Now I must master my powers or lose what I have left.

But I cannot fight all sides of this war. We need allies. Men and monsters that will stand with us against the army whose only goal is slaughter. Old grudges and debts must be satisfied first, and I fear my pockets aren’t deep enough.

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This book contains mature themes and is not suitable for those under eighteen. The following is an incomplete list of possible triggers:

  • group intimate encounters
  • restraints
  • mild bondage
  • cliffhanger
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